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A few years back I use to hear this song on the gospel station called, “You Can’t Stradle the Fence,” and as I was preparing today’s blog, that song came rushing back to me…..

For all intents and purposes, I’m, of course, referring to your Incredible Factor. And your Incredible Factor cannot stradle the fence – either your gift adds value or it takes away from the value in others (I guess you could argue if it does the latter then it’s not a gift!) It cannot do both and you shouldn’t want it to.

As you are out and about “doing you” take the time to ensure that every interaction adds value…your Incredible Factor (brand, gift) doesn’t get a day off. …Be authentic, people can see through your fakeness a mile away. Be genuine, smile, laugh, have fun, play up your passion and engage fully in every interaction as if the person with whom you speak has a sign that says “Make me feel Incredible,” Apply your gift consistently and watch your followers and interactions grow because who you are is consistent and others are getting to know, like and trust who you are and the gift you offer to the world.

So to prevent your Incredible Factor from Stradling the Fence,

1. Get clear about the gift you offer to world
2. Review your daily activities and assess what activities are inconsistent to your gift
3. Make a non-negotiable decision to make adjustments where appropriate
4. Enroll the help of a coach to help define and unleash your Incredible Factor

Still stradling the fence, no worries. I have a solution coming for you real soon that will help you leverage your Incredible Factor and go from passion to profit when you get clear and systematize what it will take to share your gift with the world. In the mean time, get your F.R.E.E. copy of my CD “how to Use Your Increddible Factor to Quantum Leap in Life & Business” on this page or my company website:

Be Incredible,

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