Enthusiastic Expectation

I woke up with enthusiastic expectation this morning. I made a decision that this will be a September to Remember. I think sometimes we forget who we are and what we are capable of. For a few days, I had not done my morning visualization exercises and just that quickly, I lost sight of my goals. We must remember that our mind is a muscle and much like we work out to train the muscles in our body, we must train our minds to focus on the goals that we want to achieve CONSISTENTLY…So I am back.

No more mental candy (tv, radio) and more mental protein (books, Cds with a message, etc) I am determined to achieve my goals and I invite you to as well. Last month, I joined a company called Compass, it is a personal development organization that believes that every woman deserves to have a coach. I immediately became excited about this company and how I could use it as a platform to build my own coaching practice. You see, to coach with me one-on-one does not fit into everyone’s budget. But through Compass, I am now able to offer affordable group coaching solutions to help women who want to take the first step toward taking back their life and discovering the compass that guides them in the areas of spirit, money and career, life balance, relationships and health and wellness and I am very excited!!

It is going to be a month to remember. I am enthusiastically expecting it.

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