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One of the consistent problems I see entrepreneurs attempting to work through is what I will call “getting free.” Getting free is essentially the process of eliminating all activities or distractions that prevents your Incredible Factor from solving your ideal client’s problems in the marketplace. This could be completing daily tasks that should be delegated to someone else. It could be working in an environment that is not conducive to success. It could be spending time with people who do not add value to you or your business goals. It could be ineffectively acting inauthentic or preventing your true self, purpose and passions from shining through in your business.

I’ve been there in my own business. I sent my Pink Cadillac back to Mary Kay Cosmetics in April of 2008 because I wanted to live my own dream by creating my mindset, marketing and empowerment firm for women yet; you could come to my house (up until September 6, 2010) and see remnants of my last career and each time I walked past, I got disgusted because my past was still in my present. Don’t get me wrong, Mary Kay was an amazing experience, one that I think every woman who desires to understand the fundamentals of confidence and business acumen in a supportive environment should pursue. My challenge was that I would look at the full product display and get sidetracked from the important tasks that needed to be completed in my current and thriving business. (sidebar – I wouldn’t be distracted for long, I’d handle my business BUT its presence was a constant source of distraction and distaste every time I walked by and that was every day.)

Now it would have been easy to get my assistant to break down the displays and such but I didn’t because I wasn’t really ready to get free. Free from the distraction. Free from the good times. Free from the success. Free from what I thought was failure because I walked away from a perfectly viable business. Maybe I’d go back if it didn’t work out – I was bound and unable to give my all to this new, exciting, passion and purpose filled business.

Honestly, allowing the evidence that I was once a successful Pink Cadillac driving sales director in Mary Kay made me feel important. Did you hear that? Made ME feel. Yes, that’s EGO all the way. Ego keeps you trapped in a place that does not want you to grow and succeed. Ego didn’t want me to get free from the decision to leave a perfectly good business with a sound marketing plan to start my own business where I had nothing at its inception. You see, perhaps you’ve felt like I did and as a result your results are suffering because you are bound, bound to someone else’s expectation for your business or perhaps your own. It’s hard to focus on what is most important when your mind and space are cluttered with outside influences that are not enhancing the experiences of your ideal clients.

So how do you get free, Darnyelle? Well, I’m happy to share what worked for me when I finally did it. I got free.

1. Forget the past; it is over. Good, bad or indifferent, it’s done. You can’t go back there so free yourself from the clutter and move on. I acknowledged and owned the success I enjoyed while in Mary Kay and now I allow that success to keep me focused on the success of my current business. Clearly if I did it once, I can do it again. I believe that when you get sick and tired of looking at your past and do something about it, you can become the change you desire to see in your business. When your EGO flairs up (and it will) simply remind it that your past is the past for a reason; you stopped that business, ended that relationship, etc for a distinct reason. You have to get tired of telling yourself the stories that keep the past alive for you and when you do, you open yourself up to invite an Incredible future into your experience one that is filled with new products and services and creativity to grow to a new level.
2. Realign to your values, goals and vision for your business- a realignment is always good to assess, especially when you feel clutter impending your business success. I suggest revisiting your business and marketing plans and ensuring that they are sound. As I realigned my goals and completed my 2011-2013 strategic plan, I realized that the display had to go because I needed that space in my office to set up my recording area for all of the high content videos that I would be putting together for my lovely clients.
3. Eliminate distractions – when you get clear on the reasons why you started your business, suddenly the distractions that were once welcome will stick out like a sore thumb and begin to wreak havoc on your business. I made, dare I say it, a non-negotiable goal that I would focus on what I wanted to grow and eliminate all else and that included finally taking down the displays. I must say my basement (the location of my home office) is much bigger than I remember and I’m excited about the changes I will make with the space to grow my business.
4. Expect to shift – when you get free, I mean really free, you can expect a shift to occur in your mindset, in the way you work in your business and in the tolerance of future distractions that you allow to impede your progress. Somehow I think you will be like me and shift the way you work which will invite new clients, new products and services and new energy into your small business.

When you get FREE – your business will thrive, which means your life will thrive. Here’s to getting free!

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