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Part 2 in the series on how to prevent fear from blocking your Incredible Factor

Are you watching the NBA Play-offs? Are you excited to see the Lakers and the Celtics battle to the end? Has the renewal of the age-old rivalry gotten you excited? Just as there’s lots of pass interference in basketball, there is pass interference in your life and business. This week’s Incredible Factor Article is all about Pass Interference. Please note I’m aware that “pass interference” is a football term….but work with me! In the spirit of the NBA Finals, I got to thinking….

How many times have you interfered with passing your product or service on to your prospect because FEAR crept into the conversation just as it was time to make your pitch? How many times have you come to a screeching halt because you didn’t want to seem salesy, although you knew your prospect needed what you’ve got to offer? When was the last time you had the perfect line prepared but decided they wouldn’t think you were authentic and instead went against your gut and intent and left with the very product or service you declared you’d sell?

Pass Interference is nothing more than letting the fear of going out of bounds keep you from playing the game. (Of course you know I had to keep with the basketball theme! Pass interference is the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of talking to new peopl.e, the fear of making a mistake….it’s got to stop. You are blocking yourself. Typically pass interference involves another player, but you Incredible One are interfering in your success all by your lonesome. That’s right, The only one who can change your situation is you.

Well, as promised, I’ve got some strategies that will help you to stop interfering with passing your product or service onto your ideal client. Yes, ideal client. if you are attempting to pass to someone who is not your ideal cleint, they will not accept the pass, so…

First up… Get clear on who your ideal client is. This has nothing to do with fear per se, but it is a necessity if you want to score points and win the game of growing your business. Despite popular belief, you cannot help every and anybody. There is an exact, specific profile of your ideal client. See the blog from last week for more information on how to do that.

Now on to eliminating Pass Interference:

1. Determine the root cause of the block. What is really holding you back? What limiting belief or self-sabotaging thought has infiltrated the game? Is is fear of rejection – you’ve gotten so worked up that you believe that they will reject you and so you go sit on the bench?

2. Think of a time when you thought you’d be rejected but you pressed through it, completed the task and in the end you weren’t rejected. In fact, you were embraced and loved on. How does recalling that time make you feel? How will reminding yourself of that time help you face this fear today?

3. Ask yourself, “Where is the evidence that I will be rejection if I share my Incredible Factor with my ideal client?” Write down ONLy concrete evidence. Are you surprised to see that there is no evidence?

4. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and repeat after me: “I am a gift to the world. My ideal client needs my products and services to live their best, authentic life. I am in service to others and therefore living my passion when I own my incredible and share it with those whom I serve.

5. Visualize the exchange the way you intend for it to go. Be clear on each detail and speak in positive, present tense. This will allow you to act as if it has already happened.

6. Write down each benefit others will receive from your product or service.

7. Remind yourself that “no” simply means “next.” As I’ve heard it said for many years, one monkey will never stop the show. One player fouls out and the game goes on.

8. Take a deep breath and repeat again, “I am a gift to the world. My ideal client needs my products and services to live their best, authentic life. I am in service to others and therefore living my passion when I own my incredible and share it with those whom I serve.”

9. If you can’t let the fear go, feel it, acknowledge it but refuse to allow the fear of going out of bounds and fouling out of the game keep you from playing.

10. Do it anyway….period.

Repeat as needed

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Darnyelle A. Jervey is a life & business coach, committed to imparting skills, strategies and solutions to define and unleash the Incredible in you. Darnyelle coaches on marketing, mindset, movement, branding strategy and empowerment to prepare her clients to share their gift for the world.

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