How to Fire Fear as Your Company’s CEO

fire-fearWhen I was on stage teaching at Unleash Your Incredible Factor Live last month, one of the sessions I taught about was how to fire fear as your company’s CEO.

This session was very impactful for attendees who realized that they are not achieving their goals because fear is calling the shots. (In the very near future, I will release that footage for you, so stay tuned.)

Here’s the thing: Fear is not a bad thing UNLESS you let it stop you from doing what you are supposed to do. Sadly, most people (I’m not even just talking to entrepreneurs and business owners) let fear stop them. They give fear a position at the table and allow it to make executive decisions.

Yup, I said it.

So my question to you is, when will you stop letting fear make executive decisions in your life and business? Watch this episode of Incredible Factor TV to learn how to fire fear as your company’s CEO:

The truth is, fear will never go away. It will always be there. And despite the motivation from “fearless” experts, you’ll never be fearless. But, you can prevent fear from showing up and making decisions on your behalf. Here’s how:

1. As soon as you feel the fear, acknowledge it. There’s no sense in acting as if it’s not there. By the power of the Law of Attraction, what ever you focus on expands. So if you acknowledge the fear, it loses power. It can’t stop you if you call it out.

2. Recognize that the fear is synonymous to your next big step. The reason you’re feeling fear in the first place is because you are on the verge of breaking through to something huge. If you keep stepping into that which causes the fear, the reward will be massive.

3. Ask yourself, “If I wasn’t feeling fear in this moment, what would I do?” By being able to see yourself in a more confident and secure place, you’ll begin to lessen the impact and implications of the fear you are feeling. Because fear is synonymous with grief, depression, despair and powerlessness, and many of us never want to feel those emotions, creating a plan in spite of the fear will get you back on track. From your response to the question above, create the plan.

4. Decide to do that which causes the fear to show up. The thing that is causing the fear is always an indication that you are supposed to be doing THAT. Yes, that. Whatever that is for you in that moment is exactly what you should be preparing to do. Fear is only there as a “fight or flight” reflex. You could flight and move away, but what is at stake if you do? Your sanity, your next level, more freedom, a better quality of life? Is stepping away worth it? Usually not, so instead, do that very thing. When people spout “do it afraid,” this is what they mean. Do it anyway because it NEVER plays out the way it did in your mind. (How many times after it’s over, that big scary thing, you find yourself saying, “oh, that wasn’t so bad?!”) By making the decision, you begin to position yourself to access that which you’ve decided, and more quickly.

5. Celebrate by being present, grateful and appreciative. If fear is the lowest emotion, then gratitude and appreciation is the highest. And when you focus on those emotions, you are shifting your energy and vibration and bringing more reasons to celebrate and overcome your fears into your life. Whenever I feel fear, I immediately get present and focus on what I am grateful for and appreciate.

And know this, you’ll need to do this process often because building a business evokes fears as you continue to step farther and farther out of your zone of comfort.

Now, I want to hear from you, what’s your two cents? How have you fired fear as the CEO of your company? What have you refused to let fear stop you from doing?

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