How to Rebound When Your Marketing Isn’t Getting Results

back-to-the-drawing-boardHave you ever been doing all you know to do and yet aren’t getting results?  I know I have.  Too many times to count.  This is in large part why I created my 7 critical mistakes audio CD.  It’s true that 96% of business owners never exceed $100,000 a year in their businesses and it is likely because of a problem with their marketing message and methods they’re using to get the word out about what they offer.

Because I have been there, I could feel Cynthia’s pain when she wrote in with this question:

“Hi Darnyelle, can I just say, I love you and Incredible Factor TV!  Ok so I am really struggling with my marketing.  I need your help.  I feel like I keep missing the mark.  I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING but I still have no clients.  Can you please tell me how to make my marketing magnetic?”

Check out my response to Cynthia’s question in this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV.

As a business and executive coach, I sometimes have to remind my clients that sometimes you have to go back to the drawing board.  This notion brings me to a story: when I was a child and I lost something, my dad would tell me to retrace my steps.  Your parents probably did too. 🙂 Following his direction, I’d start at the last place I was and go back step-by-step until I found where I had it.  And you know what, following that logic always worked.  In many ways, identifying the holes in your marketing strategy is the same way.  You have to go back over what you’re doing step by step so that you can find the holes and fix them.

Like I told Cynthia in the episode, I understand her (and your) pain.  I remember when I felt the same exact way.  So, before I tell you about how to make your marketing magnetic, I have to ask you if you are clear about:

Who you are – knowing who you are in the crowded marketplace may take some time to figure out. Clarity is very important because it will save you lots of time and frustration later.  Start with the following questions: What is it that you do?  How is it that you’re different?  Why is it that who you are is exactly the right fit for those you want to serve?

Who you serve – knowing who is going to benefit from who you are is crucial.  Nothing happens until someone sells something.  And guess what?!  There’s no sale without a buyer – your ideal client.  Who are they?  What are their problems? What do they need so that their problems cease?

How you help? – knowing what you bring to the table is important as well.  What are you helping them do?  Have you considered the top of mind problems of your ideal clients?  Have you figured out what would motivate them to take action by working with you?

Not clear about the items above? Start there.  Remember, getting traction with your marketing is about getting back to the basics.

Now, assuming you are clear – I have to tell you that I learned about magnetic marketing from doing tons of research, testing and refining. Magnetic marketing should do four things:

1. Be Educational – so, how can you educate your ideal client audience? What do you have to say that would grab their attention and teach them something?

2. Be Experiential – what can you do to create an experience that will resonate with those you desire to serve?

3. Be Emotional – how can you pull on the emotion of the problem that your prospect has?  Remember, everyone in pain is actively seeking a painkiller.  It’s all they can think about.  It’s causing them great emotional strain.

4. Be Problem Centric – what is the top of mind problem that you understand and solve for your ideal clients?  Remember your problem needs to fall into a “do anything” category in order for them to be ready, willing and able to pay for a solution.

Magnetic marketing that has these four components helps you reach the 67% of your ideal audience that your marketing is missing currently.  So, I recommend that you focus on educating your clients on why they have the problems they have.  I mean what are they constantly doing that is causing their misery and pain?   What is it? Why is it important? What are the ramifications of not shifting from it?

And, speak from your expertise not your emotion!  What I mean is, if you’re frustrated and desperate because you don’t have any clients, it’s likely that your desperation is coming across in your marketing message.  And, if that is the case, that is absolutely why no one is buying… Remember if you have a marketing problem it’s seldom what you’re doing or not doing, it’s often what you’re saying or not saying. After all, marketing is just a conversation that you have with your ideal client to tell them that you can solve their problem.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your two cents?   Do you need to go back to the drawing board?  Have you recently retraced your steps in your business?  What happened?  What did you learn about yourself in doing so?  What advice would you offer to Cynthia and others like her in the Incredible Factor community?

Share your two cents here and participate in our episode after party.  And, if you need help getting back on track with your marketing, let us know if we can help!

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