How to Use Public Speaking to Grow Your Business–Darnyelle A. Jervey

As a business and marketing coach, I am often asked what is a sure-fire way to attract more clients, and my answer each time is by speaking.

When you’re at a speaking engagement where your ideal clients are you can then help them to understand that you have the solution to their problem. Through a well prepared signature talk, you can offer them the opportunity to deepen their experience with you and add new clients incrementally every time you speak.

Speaking helps build creditability. Your products and services give you a presence in the marketplace. When you learn to leverage your presence by speaking about your business, you offer your prospects an opportunity to experience what it would be like to work with you on a more constant basis. In fact, I encourage you to take every opportunity to share information about your business.

Go to your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Jaycees and other networking types of groups and ask to speak at their meetings. Year after year, I speak to groups of 20-50 people and because of the content I share, many of them decide to attend my events, join my mastermind programs or become private clients. Your ideal clients are attending networking events and they are looking for a solution to the problem they have right now.

Not sure how to craft your signature client attracting talk? Here are a few tips:

Create a powerful introduction

Crafting three to five client magnetic marketing questions will help you to immediately engage your audience and help them to realize that you understand their problems. You might also want to share a powerful story or poem that is relevant to how you came to be the expert that you are so that you can create vulnerability with your audience. Remember that in order to feel comfortable enough to take the next level with you, they have to feel like they know you, they must trust you and of course, it goes without saying, they have to like you. When I speak, I recite my most powerful affirmation which happens to rhyme while telling them all about me….it always goes over very well.

Position their pain in your promise

When you highlight their pain in such a way that your promise becomes the obvious solution, they will be on the edge of their seats to learn more. And positioning your promise can be easy, identify 3 to 5 simple strategies that will get them closer to their ultimate result and you’ll be golden.
Share testimonials from satisfied clients

Case studies and testimonials help your listeners to see you as the solution to the problem. You always want to weave these stories into your message to sell who you are and how you help your ideal clients without being a used car salesman. When they know that others who have been where they are found a solution in working with you, they will feel inclined to learn more about how you can do the same for them.

Repeat what’s essential that they take away

Remember, repetition is the mother of skill. Key learning objectives should be repeated in a few different ways so your listeners can be clear about how you can help them solve their problem

😀 Smile and incite laughter

You’re probably going to be tense if you’re not a professional speaker. Tell a related joke, be yourself and show your fun side. Loosen up. No one wants to work with a stick in the mud. Remember, 1 minute of laughter boosts your immune system for 24 hours. Your Incredible Factor is magnetic and engaging, be sure that your communication style reflects that. You want your ideal clients to know that not only will you solve their problem, but they will have a good time while you’re doing it!

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