Is Your Incredible Factor Authentic? – Darnyelle A. Jervey – Coach, Speaker, Author

One thing I can’t stand is fake people. We all know them, they are all over the place. They as I say are people who sing in the choir….everything is “me,me,me,me,me” Can’t you see right through those people?

Oh, I hope that you are not one of them….sorry but it’s time that you stop singing that solo and start to invite others to be a part of your experience by positioning your Incredible Factor authentically.

Your brand, your product or service, your gift is a reflection of the best or worst of you….and if you don’t spend time Inspecting the Incredible…you may miss the mark on ensuring that your marketing and branding efforts attract more clients and lead to the quantum leap you wish to experience in your business.

As a coach, I have a recommendation that can help you. Get to a quiet place without the distractions of your world – no tv, radio, blackberry, Ipod, etc. Just you, your heart and a notepad. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and clear your mind and pallet of all that was happening in and around you.

Repeat after me: I am offering an authentic gift to the marketplace which is loved, purchased and enjoyed frequently.

Then the work begins: ask yourself a few poignant questions and answer them from your heart space, fully centered on your Incredible Factor – the gift you offer the world.

1. What three words do you want your gift to invite the world to experience?

2. What three words would others (previous clients, etc) use to describe how your gift makes them feel?

3. Are those three words consistent with what your Incredible Factor means to the world?

4. How can you make modifications that tap into the core of you and reflect your gift in its purest, most authentic form for others?

Struggling to answer these questions and relate them back to your gift? No worries, I will be introducing a solution to you real soon. In the meantime, get a F.R.E.E. copy of my CD – how to Use Your Incredible Factor to Quantum Leap in Life and Business. It’s changing lives, you should be next. Visit for details and to register.

Be Incredible,

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