Jude Charles: Dramatic Demonstration of Proof

“Hearing something said a thousand times is not as powerful as seeing something once.” –Jude Charles

About Our Guest: Jude Charles is a video brand strategist and speaker. For almost 15 years, he has been producing documentaries and video for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. He lives and breathes YOUR brand. He digs deep to find the compelling stores that no one else knows and then leverages those stories to scale your business.

Episode Summary: It’s not new information that in today’s marketplace, your business has to have a presence via video if you want to get known, found, and ultimately paid. What most, who are doing video are missing, is what my guest, Jude Charles, calls a Dramatic Demonstration of Proof™. And I am here to tell you personally, that something Incredible happens in your business when you shift your perspective… and as a result, you start to show up vulnerably and without fear to tell the part of your story that is key to your prospects not only clicking your links, but more importantly, investing in your products and services.

If you’re ready to learn how to create a remarkable story about your brand and business and increase your sales exponentially, you’re going to love this episode. Not only does Jude share his powerful story, he offers us all a powerful gift as we consider the benefit of choosing to find our own “unique mechanism” and leveraging it through the power of video. Through introducing you to the principles of the Dramatic Demonstration of Proof™, you’ll be one step closer to mastering the power of storytelling via video to explode your business.

Listen in to discover:

  • How to turn skeptic prospects into clients for life by showing behind the scenes of your business
  • How to make what you have to offer even more compelling by first telling your story
  • How to leverage the power of video to explode your brand’s credibility while being the most profitable trust
  • Four types of videos every business needs to shorten the know, like, trust and invest cycle in a business

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Powerful Quotes from the Episode:

“You can curate the life you want if you can change your perspective.” –Jude Charles

“Hearing something said a thousand times is not as powerful as seeing something once.” –Jude Charles

“It’s all about perspective.”– Jude Charles

“I never had it in my mind that I could make a million dollars.” –Jude Charles

“How can I illustrate what I do tangibly to a 5th grader?” –Jude Charles

“Tell your story in a way that honors who you are.” –Jude Charles

“You’re really talented at this, you should start a business.” –Jude Charles

“Someone believing in me so much that she made a dramatic demonstration.” –Jude Charles

“Okay, I can do this. If that’s all I need to get started, then I’m started.” –Jude Charles

Jude’s Incredible Factor Wisdom Questions:

Last book Jude read: “Show Dogs” by Phillip Knight
Favorite Quote: “Keep going, no matter what.” –Reginald F. Lewis
Tool Jude can’t live without to grow his business: Leverage

How to Connect with Jude Charles:

Website: www.JudeCharles.co
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/JudeCharles
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/JudeCharles

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