Messaging That Will Make You Millions

When it comes to making the move to millions in your six-figure business, there are several areas of your business you’ll have to make sure that there isn’t a gap keeping you from the results you desire. One of the biggest gaps experienced by six figure entrepreneurs who have their minds on millions is what I like to refer to as the message to market disconnect.

You’ll experience this disconnect when your message does not resonate with your intended audience.  No matter who you intend to reach with your messaging and marketing, your market will look something like this:

3%       Loves your products/services

7%       Considers hiring you

30%     Knows where you are if they need you

30%     Has no idea who you are

30%     Isn’t interested in your products and services

Sadly, most entrepreneurs spend their time, energy and messaging focused on the 3% who love them and the 30% who don’t.  The challenge is that there is a juicy 67% of your ideal audience that you could reach and create urgency for if you shifted your messaging.

We like to call this messaging SPICE messaging. When you tighten your messaging, you’ll go from hearing crickets to cash registers in the marketplace.  When your message has SPICE, it will hone in on the Specific Pervasive Insurmountable Clear and Expensive problem your most ideal clients have and are actively struggling with. SPICE Messaging is so powerful because it focuses on the 93% emotional and the 7% logical thought processes your ideal clients undergo to determine who is the best equipped to help them solve the problem they’ve been unsuccessful at solving on their own. By thinking through the SPICE, you will rise above the noise and start to get the attention you want so that you can enroll clients into your high end programs with ease.

 To reach your most ideal clients, your message must be: clear, concise, consistent, confident, compelling, contrarian and answer the question “will it work for me?”

Part of the reason our clients enrolled in our programs are so successful is because we show them how to create messaging that 1) focuses on a problem 2) offers an experience 3) shares some education and 4) elicits emotion.

Messaging is how you get known and only once your known can you get paid.

If you’re not consistently closing your most ideal clients, it starts with your messaging.  Making a few powerful tweaks can help you create messaging that will make you millions.

Need help shifting your message?  Our Leverage + Scale Weekend program can help you craft a clear, compelling and contrarian message that will position you above the noise so that your ideal clients seek you out versus you having to chase clients.  Learn more about Leverage and scale weekend today.

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