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As I mentioned in my weekly e-zine, The Incredible Factor, as I returned from my 10 day Mexican paradise, I found myself stranded….Yes, stranded, with our first flight delayed by an hour, our flight back into the US couldn’t wait for us and we wandered from representative to representative for 3 hours before someone finally took ownership for the error made by the airline and helped us.

Durin this time, some of us on the journey were becoming frustrated. Some of us, our energy was spent. Me, I remained cool because my Incredible Factor focuses on things I can control and lets others control those things that I can’t. That’s right, I made lemonade with my fresh Mexican lemons. Did it suck, sure. But what could I do, except heighten the situation and help those who didn’t help not want to help because I was upset, yelling, uncompromising?

Maybe you’ve found yourself in a predicament a time or two where you’ve felt stranded. Your hands were tied; you couldn’t alter the outcome on your own and maybe you didn’t respond like I had. Maybe you got frustrated, maybe you yelled…maybe

To help you going forward protect the integrity of your Incredible Factor – your Brand, allow me to share a few powerful tips with you.

S – Stay calm; allow yourself to focus on what YOU can do to improve the situation. (Be positive, add value)

T – Take as many deep breaths as needed to center yourself and shift your negative energy to positive life affirming energy. Remember the Law of Attraction – your thoughts (good or bad) become things…being upset can prolong your condition.

R – Reaffirm who you are and speak boldly that everything will work out. I kept saying that over and over….and guess what it did…we were on a flight to Miami and all was well….

A – Always be accurate. Ensure that you do not fabricate the facts in a heightened situation doing so questions your integrity because you know the truth and it can not have the affect on those attemtping to serve you during the altercation.

N – Notice your surroundings; you never know where your next client will be…I met a Dr from the Bay Area in the airport and she and I are having a chat next week on how she can benefit from having a life coach – Sidebar – your Incredible Factor is always working; be ready. Now if I was yapping angrily and yelling do you think I’d have been able to set up that meeting? Not even as good as I am would I!

D – Decide to remain calm; everything in life is a decision. Decide that getting upset will not serve anyone but yourself and your Incredible Factor was created to serve others. Even in our errors, we (others) deserve to be respected.

E – Escape negativity. When you are traveling with others who become negative, walk away or hold your tongue. Remember what you speak about you bring about. Your delay may be extended just because you jumped in while your partners in crime were badgering others or talking about how they thought the situation is going to play out: “They’re never going to fix this in time, we’re going to be stuck here.” Trust me, hold your tongue – life and death is in it.

D – Do express gratitude at every turn. Maybe the delay is truly working in your favor….be grateful for everything that comes your way…it will shift your mindset and enhance your Incredible Factor.

If this seems far fetched for you, maybe a life coach can help you find the balance to minimize stress in your life. Maybe….

Be Incredible,

Darnyelle A. Jervey is the founder of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC for more information or to receive her weekly marketing, branding and mindset empowerment E-zine, The Incredible Factor, register at
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