Re-Position Yourself

Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that I have consistently been saying the following phrase: “you have to put yourself in a position,” and it got me to thinking: for as much as I have said it, clearly there is a reason and the reason is that people need to reposition themselves so that they can see the invisible, dream the incredible and do the impossible.

I love to share that expansion creates exposure to the possibility of the thing that you want/need in your life. Take riding on an airplane. Blessfully, you get a FREE upgrade to 1st class. You are excited and your mind naturally starts to think bigger and as you think bigger, you expose yourself to thoughts of consistent grandeur. You start popping your collar and walking taller because you have arrived at the defining moment in your travel rolodex….you are in a bigger, better position because the trigger of a FREE upgrade has expanded your mind and exposed you to the possibility of a new thing. Incredible One, you must re-position yourself to think. First and foremost to think. Simply to think. Second to think a different thought. The time is up for trying to be just like the current big thing. Be authentic to who you are and be the Incredible You that you were created to be. And to get to that destination, you must reposition yourself.

Be Incredible,

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