She is the Business

“She is the business is a movement for high achieving women walking confidently, leading powerfully, operating in integrity, living in alignment, producing in excellence, serving in the community and committing fully to operating significantly as she handles her business!”

In honor of both Small Business Week and Mother’s Day, this powerful episode is for the women who are running businesses that serve them while raising their babies. On the heels of National Infertility Awareness Week, Darnyelle uses this week’s episode to share a piece of her ever powerful personal journey of infertility. And then she flips the script and shares five powerful keys for any woman desiring to become the business – powerful, poised, and profitable. Listen in to discover:

  • The top points of clarity any woman desiring to make her mark in business must make
  • Why being a mom and running a business have more in common that the woman filling both roles
  • How to serve powerful in the season you’re in without making casual covenants against your future

This episode is sponsored by the Grow Your Business Tool Kit.

Powerful Quotes from the Episode

“When you get clear on who God says you are, you open yourself up to a level of significance that is unparalleled.”

“Delay is not denial.”

“There is purpose in your current season even while you’re waiting to enter another.”

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