The #1 Reason Why You’re Not Getting New Client Call Inquiries

Are you sitting in your office trying to understand why your phone never rings?

I took some time today to conduct an experiment. I visited 20 random websites. Of the 20 I visited, only 1 website actually had what I would consider a viable “contact us” page.

A viable “Contact Us” page is a page on your website that provides a prospect with everything they’d need to learn more about hiring you. This page, when optimized to retain visitors to your website, contains critical contact data such as:

  • Company Name 
  • Company Mailing Address 
  • Company Phone Number (Toll or Toll-free) 
  • Company Contact Name 
  • Contact Submission Form  

I explain in this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV exactly what I mean:


If prospects who happen to find your website aren’t supplied with information they need to contact you in the moment, they will likely click away. You see, there are lots of people in the world who are just like me – they want instant gratification. In the moment when I find something I believe I need to solve a problem, I want to have access ASAP. So, when you don’t have a phone number on your “contact us” page, you are leaving money on the table.

Allow me to share a true story with you: After I finished this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV, at 3:58 pm, I received a call from a prospect that I went on to sell a ticket to my upcoming event, Unleash Your Incredible Factor LIVE, simply because she said, and I quote, “was on my website, had a question and decided to pick up the phone to see if she could reach me to get an answer NOW as to whether or not this event would be a good fit for her.”

If I didn’t have a phone number on my website, I would have potentially lost a sale. How many sales have you potentially lost by not ensuring that prospective clients can reach you should they want to?

Now, I know some people don’t have their phone or address on their website because they work from home and don’t want to expose their private residence or phone number. I get that. But you can get a call forwarding number, Google Voice or Skype without having to release your private number to the public. And for a low–cost amount, you can go to the UPS Store or Post Office and get a mailbox.

So, are you going to make excuses or pick up the money you’re leaving on the table by adding your number to your website?

I’m just saying…..

Share how this tip helps you below. And, until next time….

Be Incredible!

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