The Busted Life

“You cannot have a booming business when you have a busted life.” –Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA

We are in a season that can either pack power for your life or produce panic… and if you succumb to the latter, you might be living a busted life.

Don’t misunderstand me, a busted life is not a life where you’ve hit rock bottom, it’s a life where you’re out of alignment. If ANY area of your life is off, your whole life is off.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you learn and master the seven shifts I share in this episode, you can share a eulogy for your busted life and your life takes a turn for the booming life.

Listen in to discover:

  • Why being in alignment really is the key to abundance in your life and growth in your business
  • The 7 shifts to Next Level Everything
  • How to grow your business by focusing on removing the bust in your life

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Powerful Quotes from Darnyelle during the Episode

“Without faith, it’s impossible to grow your business.”

“If every area of your life is not at boom, you have some bust to deal with.”

“When you’re in struggle, you have no access to ideas, inspiration or God.”

“God is always speaking to us, if you can’t hear Him, check your alignment.”

“It’s not happening to you; its happening for you.”

“Forgiveness is for you.”

“God gets no glory if you go without.”

The Seven Shifts Mentioned in The Episode

  1. Alignment is your lifeline
  2. Focus only on victory
  3. Forgive yourself
  4. God works through faith
  5. Decision and action moves it to you
  6. God is not holding anything back from you
  7. Everything you want is already here

These seven shifts are the basis of our Virtual Event, Breakthrough in Business. Learn more and grab your virtual seat: For the first time ever you can break through from the comfort of your own home.

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