The Confidence Clause

“Confidence is the new currency.” –Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

After 11 years working primarily with women entrepreneurs, here’s what I know for sure: most women struggle with confidence and that insufficiency costs them clients, connection, and cash flow. In this episode, we talk about what keeps us from being confident and how that affects the way we show up in our businesses. And, I am also going to introduce you to my secret weapon: The Confidence Clause™; it’s a powerful purpose statement and affirmation that will raise your vibration and position you to confidently build a business that shakes the planet. And don’t worry, I’ve arranged for you to download a copy of the confidence clause for your pleasure. (wink, wink)

Listen in to discover:

  • Why faking it until you make it is the worse thing you can do, and what to do instead
  • How your confidence shows up in your business
  • 5 ways to upgrade your confidence
  • 5 ways to increase your confidence around pricing

Powerful Quotes From the Episode

“The invitation is your validation”

“Believe that you deserve to be paid for the gifts and talents you render in service to others.”

Desperation never built a business”

Download The Confidence Clause

I’m gifting you The Confidence Clause. This powerful purpose statement will boost your confidence and position you to build a business that shakes the planet. Click here to access it.

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