The Elephant in the Room

Welcome to Season 2 of the Leverage Your Incredible Factor Podcast! Not only is 2020 the Year of Next level Everything, but this ENTIRE season of the podcast, our theme and focus is about taking everything for you to the next level. Because it is my desire to meet you at your next level, we have to deal with the elephant in the room. In this episode, it gets a little awkward because there is a big fat elephant in the room. The elephant is used to causing havoc and ruining everything in its path simply because it is SO BIG, and because of its size it can’t hide no matter how it tries. You have to become a better discern-er so that the elephant doesn’t jack you up. At some point in time in your business, you will come face to face with this elephant (either of your own doing or because you took your eye off the prize).

The elephant to which I am referring? Integrity.

I am saddened that I even have to dedicate an episode on my podcast to this foolery! But the truth is, there are lots of people out there who lack integrity and the marketplace (and world) we live in makes it appear that it’s okay to lie, mis-give, and not honor your commitments. I assure you that it’s not. And, it’s possible that your journey to leverage + scale could become derailed by an elephant if you aren’t careful. There is no way you will get to experience your next level everything if you are operating from a space of lack. (That’s what not being in integrity does to you.)

So, if you’ve ever been the victim of a lack of integrity from a client, this episode is for you. If you’ve ever been the party whose integrity is in question, this episode is for you. Because either way, the only way to your next level is through the elephant in the room.

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