The Gratitude Challenge

“That which you are grateful for, you invite God to bring you more of.” –Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA

I have been practicing gratitude for twenty years… and as a result, I have leveraged this practice to bring into my life and business all that I desire.

In this powerful episode on the cusp of my beloved holiday, I share the core tenets to maximizing gratitude to see your life and business shift. I invite you to take my Gratitude Challenge to spend a minimum of an hour going beyond the surface of what you’re grateful for, so that you can watch God show up and show out in your life.

Listen in to discover:

  • Why the practice of gratitude is a key if you have goals of playing a bigger game
  • How to truly practice gratitude
  • The biggest mistake you’re likely making that is keeping you from experiencing the true power of gratitude expression

This episode is powered by Shatter Your Income Ceiling.

Powerful Quotes from Darnyelle during the Episode

“Don’t wake up and grab your phone; maximize the first 20 minutes to set the Universe on a path to bring you all you desire.”

“That which you are grateful for, you invite God to bring you more of.”

“Gratitude, appreciation, faith, love and trust are the highest emotions. When you spend time in these, you are attracting consistent abundance to your life.”

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