The Move to Millions Will Require Strategic Surrender

Are you a high achieving entrepreneur who desires to cross the elusive million-dollar revenue mark? If you’ve been hustling to make it happen, I bet I can guess what you’re missing – the relationship between your strategic plan and the spiritual art of surrender. In the latest episode on the  “Move to Millions Podcast,” I shine light on the path to not just pray for a million-dollar business but to spiritually align yourself for its manifestation.

The Strength in Surrender

In my personal journey to the million-dollar milestone, a substantial part of my success is attributed to my  practice of surrender. Surrender is not waving the white flag; it’s a combination of trust and allowing my vision to unfurl divinely. By surrendering, I step back and allow faith to steer with the confidence that the puzzle pieces will come together as they should. To support you on your own Move to Millions, I want to share a surrender prayer with you that you can download which emphasizes the importance of persistent faith and detachment from immediate outcomes.

Fortifying My Spiritual Backbone with Surrender

Tapping into gratitude and embracing surrender not only changes my personal vantage point but elevates my business strategies. Releasing rigid expectations and embracing trust in God grants entrepreneurs peace and clarity, paving the way for clear and concise decision-making and business expansion.

Aligning Beliefs and Desires

If there is one thing I know for sure: for success to materialize, subconscious beliefs must be in alignment with conscious desires. Getting clear on any conflicting beliefs through honest self-assessment will ensure seamless alignment with your entrepreneurial vision.

The Blueprint for Praying for a Million-Dollar Business

In my new podcast episode, I break down the seven-step blueprint involving reflection on the true essence of money, crystallizing goals, and vividly envisioning my business’s success. One thing you must come to terms with is that beliefs propel actions. Which makes it that much more important to align these aspects to create fertile ground for your million-dollar dream.

Energetic Alignment and Mindset

Crafting a million-dollar empire is bigger than just a strategic playbook; it’s about the energy and beliefs we embrace. It’s about embodying the success you seek and energetically syncing with it. Which can be even more important than the strategies you aim to employ.

Beginning Your  Million-Dollar Journey

I have 9 actionable steps for manifesting a million dollar business which I dive deeper on in How to Pray for Your Business, live this week on the Move to Millions Podcast. These range from decision-making and intention-setting to visualization and forgiveness. A combination of spiritual and strategic counsel. With each step propelling you toward sowing the right seeds for the future you envision.

Your Exclusive Pass to “Move to Millions Live”

This episode isn’t just a haven of wisdom; it’s an exclusive invitation. I welcome you to join me at “Move to Millions Live”. An immersive experience offering hands-on guidance, accountability, networking, and mentorship – essential ingredients for navigating the landscape of business growth. It’s happening May 22-24, 2024 just outside of Washington DC. You can learn more and grab your seat at  

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