The Secret Millionaire and Your Incredible Factor – Darnyelle A. Jervey

Last night, I watched the premiere of the Secret Millionaire on ABC and it really moved me to tears. I applaud the creators of the show for finally creating a reality show that stirs the hearts of those of us who desire to serve the world in a big way with our Incredible Factor. I got extremely choked up as I watched Dani Johnson award the three organizations and a family where she was able to volunteer with a total of $100,000. I cried, “Man, that is why I get up in the morning and work hard – so that I can one day in the very near future give back with a financial gift to further the dream of another. I serve my clients so that I can serve the world. Man, that is so fulfilling and it makes me so grateful.”

What I loved about each of the organizations visited by Dani is that each founder created their organization out of their passion and desire to be a blessing to others in their community. Make a note of this: Your passion can be your career and it is from your passion that lives will be changed, dreams born and hearts filled in abundance. That, dear friends is why I left corporate America in 2005. That is why I created Incredible One Enterprises in 2007.
I was watching the show with a friend and we agreed that this was exactly why we do what we do. Being a successful business person is little about the business person; it affords us the opportunity to serve the world and offer the fruits of our labor to help someone else live their dream.

I’m totally excited about this show and I look forward to watching each week so that the dreams that I have will be fueled by watching what others just like me have done first by owning their Incredible Factor, second by starting their own companies and living their passion and third by sharing their wealth to create abundance for another.

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