Three Ways Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Can Get Unstuck

stuckOkay, I have a confession to make.  A few months ago, I felt a little stuck.  (I honestly can’t believe I’m telling you this. :-))  But, I believe that by being real with you, I will be able to help you.  I’ve been stuck not necessarily in my business but my business is definitely affected by my stuck-ness. (I know it’s not a word, stay with me.)

Have you ever felt stuck in your business?  Or has what’s going on in your life ever adversely affected what’s happening in your business? Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, you’re not getting ahead?  I get that because according to the SBA, 10-12% of businesses fail each year.  And I bet you some of them fail because the owner gets stuck and can’t find a way to get themselves back on track (this is just theory :-))  But honestly, getting stuck in business could be for many reasons and since I am of the belief that 95% of your success in life and business is tied to your mindset. I think that by creating a shift in your mindset, you can become unstuck.

When I got this question from KC about feeling stuck, I couldn’t wait to answer it and weigh in on the topic. Check out her question:

“Hi Darnyelle.  Lately I have been waking up on the wrong side of the bed and it has been adversely affecting my day.  I’m not focused, I’m cranky and my days are not going the way I need them to so that I make progress in my business. What can I do to shift things quickly?  I can’t afford to waste any more days…HELP!”

Check out my response to KC’s question in this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV.

So, will you be honest and say that you’ve felt stuck?

I have.  I did.  I’ve felt like I’m treading water – going nowhere slow. But then I realized that I could make some minor adjustments and get myself unstuck… And here is what I did.

In order to find where your stuck-ness is coming from, you’ve got to look at all aspects of your behavior on any given day. How you start a day determines how they day goes and what you produce during that day.  Did you catch that?!  So, we’ve got to look at your patterns and see how you can create a pattern interrupt to get back on track.

1. Start your day in grace. If you’re anything like I’ve been over the last few months, then you have been “hitting the ground running.”  Don’t do this.  Instead, start your day with grace. Here’s what I mean.  When you wake up, ease into your day.  (Now, if that means you need to set your alarm for a little but earlier so that you can do this, do what you’ve got to do.) Remember that when you first wake up, you’re still in your alpha waves state – this is HUGE because this is the time when you can influence your subconscious mind. And, remember that the average subconscious mind has 57,000 thoughts.  By giving yourself and your new day some grace, you can influence your entire day.  The more grace you give yourself at the start of the day, the more clearly you’ll be to create movement in your business. As I shared with KC, use this time to:

a. Express your gratitude
b. Set daily intentions
c. Read something empowering

Remember, don’t grab the remote when you wake up, there’s nothing good on the TV.

2. Check in with yourself through goal setting and goal review.  By setting goals and checking in to see where you are in the process of accomplishing those goals, you’ll make more progress.  As an example, as I was in my “stuck funk,”  I started to check in through out my day.  So at noon, I’d check in with what I’ve accomplished and validate that those tasks are helping me get closer to my goal.  And again at 3 pm, I’d see where I was and what activity was advancing my business.  You see, it’s easy to do “busy” work.  But busy work won’t pay your bills, grow your business and allow you to serve those you’ve been called to serve.  The only way to ensure effectiveness is to set goals and check in with them.

3. Work in spurts.  Find 60-90 minute spurts of time for intense activity like cold calling, creating content, and other profit producing activities. Instead of trying to go “hard” all day, working in spurts will increase your activity and allow you to see penetration.  As you see results coming in, you’ll get your mojo up and increase your confidence and find yourself wanting to keep the results going.  My recommendation is that before you check email, you complete your first spurt.  The adrenaline rush from starting your day with profit producing activity give you what you need to keep moving through your day.

I also believe that by getting grace back into your day you’ll be able to identify the other issues that may be affecting your business and be able to find the support you need in those areas.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your two cents?  How do you start your day and does your early morning ritual keep you focused and productive? What could you do more of to create movement and flow in your business building activity? Sharing your two cents here will help many in the Incredible Factor community.

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