My Top 20 List of Gratitude

Gratitude. How many of you actually spend 5 minutes a day in gratitude? And of those of you who do, how many of you can tell the difference of that daily practice?

As human beings, being grateful is what invites you to experience more of those very things. If you haven’t jumped on the gratitude bandwagon, I highly recommend that you do. Start where you are and what you’ll notice is that your list will start to go deep once you’ve exhausted the surface things.

While I personally think that every day is Thanksgiving, I know that at this time of the year, most people are very sensitive to the meaning of the holiday celebrated in the U.S. and Canada on the 4th Thursday in November. In honor of both my birthday and Thanksgiving, I have a challenge for you: Based on your age, make a list of what you’re grateful for. Now, I’m going to ask you to think outside of the norm – I know you’re grateful to be alive. What else do you have?

I also thought it would be kind of cool to re-share an episode of Incredible Factor TV that I presented last year about gratitude and the role it plays in your business. Check it out:

To get this gratitude party started, here’s my Top 20 of my list of 41:

I am grateful…

1. To be God’s favorite. Yes, I am highly favored and God shines His favor on me every single day. This brings me not only gratitude, but joy. Not everyone can say that the creator of the Universe is always thinking of them like I can.

2. To have been born Darnyelle Antoinette on November 16, 1975. I must admit, that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when I wished my name was Shakeeta (it’s a long story) or I wished I came from a real family and not the one I was born into. But today, I love me some Darnyelle Antoinette and I am grateful that this is my name and all that I am.

3. To have favor on my life. The things that I touch work, add value, etc. That’s favor. That’s the God in me blessing my hands and work. I am so grateful for the way that God loves me.

4. To do the work I do. I know first hand that not everyone is blessed to love the work they do. I know that I am one of the few. But I am grateful that every day I get to wake up, get dressed and change lives by helping them grow their business. That is so awesome.

5. That I always have music nearby. I love, love, love music. It’s everything to me. No matter my mood, music offers me inspiration, an energy shift, a quick dance, it always puts a smile on my face.

6. To be debt free. It’s kind of cool to be 41 and have no debt. It’s been a journey getting to this point but I love knowing that I don’t owe anyone anything.

7. To have every need met and exceeded. There’s nothing that I want for. I know how important it is to express gratitude over that. It’s awesome to be able to get access to whatever I need and to have the discipline to focus on true needs and not material ones.

8. To be in love with an amazing man. I am so blessed to be loved by a man who has values and works hard every day to add value to my life. He’s smart, kind, a gentleman, hard working, loving, affectionate. Truthfully he represents everything that I thanked God for several years ago. I’m grateful that he’s here now and we are living life together.

9. To have an amazing set of sister friends who love, support, correct and edify me. My list isn’t long but the ladies who have my back – I am grateful for them. You inspire me. You hold me accountable to my greatness. You encourage me. You correct me. You love me. Thank you.

10. To get to travel and see the world. I was born in the projects of Wilmington, DE. I never thought that my eyes would get to see some of the places I’ve seen. And I know that I still have many places to see. But it’s amazing to know that there is a God and that He ordained these sights for me.

11. To still have both of my parents alive. It’s no secret that my family dynamic and upbringing is a little bit interesting (ok, it’s very interesting). Yet, I’m still grateful that both of my parents are alive. I have friends who have lost their parents and that is a grief I’ve been spared from so far. Now, I know we all will depart this earth, but I’m grateful that that day hasn’t happened yet.

12. To have shared the last 10 years with my dog Latte. Latte makes me smile. She’s been my ride or die dog for the last decade and I have never been alone because of her. I love her personality (I spoiled her) and I love that she always wants to be by my side.

13. To run a business that adds value to the world. When I started working in Corporate America, I never imagined myself as a business owner. But today, I’m clear that it’s my destiny. And to do work that matters, wow, I am so grateful that what I do matters and helps others get access to more abundance financially and spiritually.

14. To be focused on chasing God and my mandate first and foremost. This one right here is everything. I decided a few years ago after hitting the seven figure mark in my business that I wanted more than to say that I had a million dollar company. It felt hollow, if I’m being honest. So I’ve spent the last two years making a poignant shift. I’ve shifted from chasing a number, any number. Instead, I’m chasing the reason I am in this world. And for my believing readers, you’ll recognize this as Matthew 6:33. I am watching God add all things to my life and it feels Incredible!

15. To have amazing clients who become like family. I get to work with some of the most incredible people on the planet. I love them and they love me. We care about each other. They are not just a client and I am not just someone they pay for a service. I love that.

16. To be disease and stress free. I’m so grateful to know that I am healthy and that I am becoming a better version of myself every day. It feels good to know that the choices I am making contribute to my overall health.

17. To be able to have balance in my life. A few short years ago, I was a “one trick pony.” Today, my life is full, I have outside interests, ways to spend my time other than working and it feels awesome. It really all started with me making a decision to become more than just a great businesswoman.

18. To give to others without it taking away from me and my needs. This is huge. Every morning I express gratitude that I have more money that I can give, spend, save and invest. And it feels good to be able to being a blessing to others when I feel led to do so. And to know that when I give to others, I will not go without.

19. To know that I am more than enough. I will spare you the long, sad backstory. But trust me when I say that this is huge. I, alone, am more than enough. I’m grateful to know that, I mean really know that, and to live it out each day in my life. This wasn’t always the case.

20. To have my best years in front of me. 41 down and 50+ more to go. I still have so much to contribute to the world and I am so happy, grateful and appreciative that God’s not through with me yet!

Now I want to hear from you: What’s the top thing that you are grateful for? Why?

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