How to Use Numbers To Grow Your Business

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve likely heard the fact that business is a numbers game. I remember the first time I realized the importance of the numbers; I was in Mary Kay Cosmetics. I was a new sales director with my eyes on the National Sales Director position. And I remember attending the annual seminar and hearing an NSD Cindy Williams tell us that the only difference between me and the top directors was the numbers – they quite simply had bigger numbers than I did.

Ever since that day, the light came on and I went on to focus on how to first learn and then grow my numbers so that I could have all that I wanted in my business. And I did it; I grew from 22 to 500 in a year’s time. The truth is when you understand your numbers, growing your business becomes easier. And even though I am no longer a Mary Kay director, in my own business, I let the numbers help me to position my company for growth. And when I am working with small business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to position their businesses for growth, I help them to understand the importance of their numbers and how to use growth strategy to leverage the numbers. If you don’t understand your numbers (and more importantly how to use them to experience results), your business won’t grow. No amount of marketing will help you to solve a deficit in understanding the numbers.

In this week’s episode, I offer a real example to Stacy who’s ready to up-level her business by becoming a numbers chick, check it out:

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